Index for Names: A Journal of Onomastics

Names: A Journal of Onomastics

Volumes 31 – 45

1983 through 1997



     This is an index to the third series of fifteen volumes of Names: A Journal of Onomastics.  It is the only one of the three available in electronic form at this time.  The first series of fifteen was edited by Clarence L. Barnhart and the second series of fifteen by Kelsie B. Harder.  I studied their works very carefully in preparation for the production of the present index and learned much from their efforts.  The entries in this index, like the previous two indexes, include: names of authors of all signed articles, reviews, reports, and notes; titles of articles and other contributions; the subjects, the authors and titles of works reviewed; and the important names cited. 

    The actual preparation of this index was greatly facilitated by SkyIndex™, a software package that assisted by organizing and alphabetizing, allowing me to forego the more tedious aspects of index preparation.  The files which resulted from the machinations of SkyIndex™ were then imported directly into Microsoft Word™, which enabled direct camera-ready copy to be prepared.  For purposes of this website an additional conversion was made to .pdf format so that it would be available through the use of Adobe Acrobat, a widely available software package.

Michael F. McGoff


October 1997  

 Mechanics of the Index

    This Index is actually divided into two sections: an Author Index and a Subject and Title Index. 

·         All major entries in each index are printed in bold type followed by the subentries in regular type. 

·         Journal articles appear in roman and books are displayed in italic.  Books are also usually followed by rev. along with the name of the reviewer.

·         Author entries appear in roman.

·         Words that are discussed in articles, as well as foreign words, appear in italic.

·         Foreign graphemes are placed in the alphabetical order in which most readers would expect to find them (e.g., an ö is placed in alphabetical order as if it were an o).

·         For convenience, important subentries such as Guest Editor, See, See also and Special Issue are listed first, after the main entry, with other subentries following them in alphabetical order.

·         In the Author Index articles and books by an author are listed first, followed by the reviews written by that author.  These reviews are clearly noted with the first such review preceded by the word Review, underlined and in roman.  Additional reviews follow in alphabetical order.

·         In some title entries, a leading definite or indefinite article has been moved to the end of the title and is preceded by a comma.

·         Some entries in the Subject and Title Index are somewhat unwieldy because of the number of times they have been addressed throughout the fifteen years.  Good examples of this phenomenon are the entries for literary onomastics and placenames.  The many subentries are, of course, listed alphabetically.  For completeness and clarity, these subentries are also included as main entries elsewhere in the index. 

·         While all titles of articles that have appeared in Names: A Journal of Onomastics can be found in the Subject and Title Index in their original form (with the occasional repositioning of the definite or indefinite articles), keywords from those titles also occur in a separate entry.

·         In some subentries in the Subject and Title Index the word (review), in parentheses, is included in order to distinguish that subentry from another on the same subject.

     I am sure that I have made selections for these indexes that others would not have made and omitted entries that some would have included.  For these and other transgressions and for any mistakes, I must solely and humbly accept responsibility.  I sincerely hope that I have produced an index which researchers will find worthwhile.

Michael McGoff

Subject and Title Index

Author Index