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Names: A Journal of Onomastics

Editor, Professor Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville.

Names: A Journal of Onomastics a quarterly, is published by Maney Publishing. It is one of the world's leading onomastic journals. A subscription to the journal is one of the benefits of membership in ANS.

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Names Volume 38.4 (1990) Special Issue: Personal Nicknames (PDF)

Names Articles
Recent Articles

Since the first issue in 1952, NAMES has published hundreds of articles, reviews, and notes on various aspects of name study. Some recent articles show the variety of interests of the Society's members, from literary onomastics to personal names, and from placenames to names of organizations:

"Poetics of Japanese Naming Practice." Noriko Watanabe. March/June 2005.

"Russian Given Names: Their Pronunciation, Meaning, and Frequency." Edwin D. Lawson and Natan Nevo.

"Arapaho Placenames in Colorado: Indigenous Mapping, White Remaking." Andrew Cowell. March 2004.

"Affirmative Naming in No Name." Amy Leal. March 2004.

"On the Birthday and Etymology of the Placename Missouri." Michael McCafferty. June 2003.

"Naming with Lewis and Clark." Thomas J. Gasque. March 2003.

"Distribution of Forenames, Surnames, and Forename-Surname Pairs in Canada." D. K. Tucker. June 2002.

"Welsh Bynames on the Allegheny." W.R. Davis. September 2001.

"Distribution of Forenames, Surnames, and Forename-Surname Pairs in the United States," D. K. Tucker, June 2001.

"The Sociolinguistics of the 'S-Word': Squaw in American Placenames," William Bright, September/December 2000.

"From French to English: Some Observations on Patterns of Onomastic Changes in North America." André Lapierre. Sept./Dec. 2000.

"On the Meaning of Personal Names: A View from Cognitive Psychology." Tim Brennen. June 2000.

"Trends in Women's Marital Name Choices: 1966-1996." Laurie K. Scheuble, Katherine Klingemann and David R. Johnson. June 2000.

"Comment vous appelez-vous?: Why the French Change Their Names." James E. Jacob and Pierre L. Horn. March 1998.

"Impressions Created by Given Names." Albert Mehrabian. March 1997.

"Naming Practices in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa." Vivian de Klerk and Barbara Bosch. September 1996.

"Saints and Sites: The Interrelationship between Church Dedications and Placenames in England." Adrian Room. December 1992.

"Anglicized Native American Placenames in Oregon: Their Number and Distribution." Lewis L. McArthur. December 1996.

"Scottish Place Names as Evidence for Language Change." W.F.H. Nicolaisen. December 1993.

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New Edition

"Russian Given Names: Their Pronunciation, Meaning and Frequency"
PDF format

by Edwin D. Lawson
State University of New York at Fredonia, and

Natan Nevo
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Names: A Journal of Onomastics
Volume 53 1&2
March and June 2005
pages 49 - 77

Book Reviews
Publishers who wish to have books reviewed and members who wish to write reviews should contact the book review editor for NAMES: A Journal of Onomastics

Christine De Vinne
College of Notre Dame of Maryland
4701 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

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